PAN – 23 Nov 2006

Paraquat, an extremely toxic herbicide, poisons tens of thousands of people every year. It is manufactured by the world’s largest pesticide company, Swiss multinational Syngenta. There is no antidote for this dangerous pesticide, yet it is marketed in 100 countries and used in large quantities particularly by farmers in the Southern Hemisphere.

Swiss NGO Berne Declaration is holding a virtual “People’s Vote” on Syngenta’s practices and asking for your participation. PAN groups and many others are collaborating in the broad public campaign to bring public attention to Syngenta’s inhuman business policies. We ask you to join in demanding that Syngenta take responsibility for the devastating health impacts of this highly hazardous pesticide and stop production now.

Take Action Now! Visit to read the case against Syngenta and register your verdict of Guilty for Syngenta.

Paraquat is one of the world’s most controversial herbicides. Not approved for use in Switzerland since 1990 because of the risks associated with it, the poison is increasingly used in countries of in the Southern Hemisphere by plantation workers and small farmers to kill weeds. Thousands of people are poisoned every year because they
lack protective equipment and clothing or have insufficient information about paraquat. Thousands die a painful accidental death or commit suicide using this pesticide.

Time is short! The campaign against Syngenta’s irresponsible production and marketing of paraquat needs the support of at least 50,000 people by the end of the year, in order to garner a groundswell that would equal a public referendum on this matter.

Sign the referendum NOW! and please pass this action request to your friends.

The Berne Declaration is an independent Swiss non-profit group managing the public proceeding against Syngenta in conjunction with AN Asia Pacific , PAN UK and thirty- six other international environmental and human health organizations.